How to fix the Twitch Black Screen Issue

Twitch is a popular streaming service owned by Amazon. It was initially used for gaming streams, but nowadays it has expanded to include different categories for streamers – programming, art, stock trading, and more. With millions of concurrent users worldwide, the Twitch service continues to be very stable - however, some of its users tend to experience issues every now and then. One of the commonly encountered problem is the 'Twitch Black Screen' issue. When users try to view a stream, they only see a black screen without any media, and even the Twitch player's controls are not loading. If you encounter this issue and are tired of it, then here are some of the best troubleshooting tips to try and see if they resolve the issue:

Disable Google Chrome's Hardware Acceleration

Open your Web browser, and then tap the icon represented by three lines in the top-right corner. Select Settings and then opt to see Advanced Settings. Find the slider for Use hardware acceleration when available and make sure that it is turned off. If you just disabled it, then make sure to restart your Web browser so that the changes will take effect.

Use Transport Layer Security

TLS, or Transport Layer Security, is a network connection setting that must enabled in order for websites like Twitch to work. There is a chance that it might have been accidentally disabled when you were playing around with Internet settings or that a recent Windows update turned it off. To verify that it is on, go to Start Menu -> Control Panel. Select Network and Internet -> Internet Options. Go to the Advanced tab and tick all TLS-related options. Apply the changes you made.

Reset Windows Network Configuration

Issues with your connection might be the source of the problem. Press the Windows Button + R combination to load the Run prompt. Enter cmd and press OK. Use these two commands:

  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • ipconfig/renew

You may lose connection to the Internet for a few seconds, but there is nothing to worry about – this is normal since Windows is updating your network configuration.

If the fixes above do not work, then you should keep in mind that Twitch might be experiencing technical issues, and you are not the only user seeing the black screen. See if any of your friends are able to watch Twitch streams – chances are they are facing the same issue. If this is the case, then you will need to wait for Twitch to resolve the issue.

May 26, 2021

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