Keep Track of Time with One Simple Tool


Add as many clocks as you want and keep them all organized and easily accessible.


A good looking, highly functional interface that displays multiple time zones at a glance.


Optimized to use minimal computer resources.

A FREE Premium World Clock App

A Simple Tool for Complex Tasks

Whether you’re planning arrival and departure times, setting up business appointments, or just wondering whether it’s appropriate to call a friend in another country, Cyclonis World Time is here to help.

Install and Configure in Minutes

Cyclonis World Time offers a quick and simple installation process. Once installed, its easy-to-use search engine lets you add clocks for different time zones across the globe in a matter of clicks.

Track as Many Time Zones as You Want.

Some people need to track the time in two zones. Others may need to be aware of the current time across five continents. Cyclonis World Time is customizable to suit your needs!

Conveniently Display Customized Clocks on Your Desktop

The Cyclonis World Time desktop widget can be configured to display multiple time zones on your desktop simultaneously.

Easy Setup

Installing, configuring, and customizing Cyclonis World Time is simple. Get started in no time!

Quick Installation

Cyclonis World Time installs in just a matter of clicks!

Add Clocks Easily

With our advanced built-in search features, you can easily add and configure the clocks that are critical to your business and personal needs.

A Sleek Desktop Widget

The Cyclonis World Time desktop widget can keep all your clocks accessible on your desktop, all the time.

A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

Coordinating people, businesses and events in countries that are thousands of miles apart can be a difficult task. Cyclonis World Time can help you coordinate and organize both your business and personal life.

Highly Customizable

Cyclonis World Time offers numerous configuration options. You can customize Cyclonis World Time to suit your needs and preferences.

Highly Optimized

Cyclonis World Time has been designed to run with minimal resources and not interrupt your workflow.

Highly Reliable

Cyclonis World Time has been designed to offer a comprehensive view of time zones across the globe.

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System Requirements

Operating System Requirements

Windows 7 or newer is required.

macOS 10.10 or newer is required.