'You are using an older version of Edge' Pop-Ups

Online scammers often experiment with different approaches and fake error messages in order to run their cons. One of the latest scams of this type involves the use of the 'You are using an older version of Edge' Pop-Ups. These false messages are designed to look as if they come from the official Microsoft Site, and warn users that they are running an outdated version of Microsoft Edge. As you can probably guess, the pop-ups urge the user to download an urgent update. However, instead of a legitimate update, they will be getting a browser hijacker, adware, or a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP.)

Keep in mind that it is possible to see legitimate pop-ups asking you to update their browser. However, if you have any doubts about their credibility, we advise you not to follow their instructions. Instead, refer to your browser's official page and download the latest version from there. Furthermore, major Web browsers keep themselves up-to-date automatically, so you are highly unlikely to see such update prompts.

It is not clear what is the exact app that the scammers behind the 'You are using an older version of Edge' Pop-Ups promote. We can only tell you that you are better off without it. If you recall seeing these pop-ups and downloading any files they linked, then we suggest that you run an up-to-date security tool to check your system for intrusive apps.

January 11, 2022