ChainGPT DAPP Scam screenshot

ChainGPT DAPP Scam

The "ChainGPT DAPP" is a fraudulent operation that imitates the legitimate ChainGPT platform ( This scam functions as a cryptocurrency extractor: once users connect their digital wallets, it commences... Read more

April 19, 2024
Lack Of Mailbox Bandwidth Email Scam screenshot

Lack Of Mailbox Bandwidth Email Scam

Upon reviewing the "Lack Of Mailbox Bandwidth" email, we determined it to be spam, falsely claiming that the recipient's email account faces functionality issues due to bandwidth constraints. This deceptive message is... Read more

April 18, 2024
Consignment Box Email Scam screenshot

Consignment Box Email Scam

After examining the email in question, it's evident that it follows the classic pattern of a fraudulent scheme, posing as a communication from a diplomat promising a significant sum of money. Typically, scammers... Read more

April 16, 2024
Zeus Network Registration Scam screenshot

Zeus Network Registration Scam

The "Zeus Network Registration" is a fraudulent operation posing as a platform integrating Bitcoin and Solana cryptocurrencies. This deceptive website functions as a cryptocurrency drain, siphoning funds from victims'... Read more

April 15, 2024
Solana Mobile Scam screenshot

Solana Mobile Scam

The "Solana Mobile" scam mirrors the official website of Solana's subsidiary with the same name, aiming to deceive users into revealing their cryptocurrency wallets to a drainer. These scams are designed to siphon... Read more

April 11, 2024
Reserve Bank of Australia Email Scam screenshot

Reserve Bank of Australia Email Scam

Upon examination, it became evident that the email in question represents a phishing scam disguised as a notification from the Reserve Bank of Australia. Crafted by fraudulent actors, the deceptive email seeks to... Read more

April 9, 2024
Safety Warning Pop-Up Scam screenshot

Safety Warning Pop-Up Scam

While examining the website in question, we uncovered a fraudulent scheme being run through it. This scheme aims to trick visitors by displaying what seems to be a security alert from a reputable company, intending to... Read more

April 19, 2024
Trust Wallet Connect Scam screenshot

Trust Wallet Connect Scam

"Trust Wallet Connect" is a fraudulent operation that mimics the official Trust Wallet website, functioning as a phishing page aimed at obtaining cryptowallet login credentials under the guise of addressing fictitious... Read more

April 17, 2024
Crystal Dash Scam screenshot

Crystal Dash Scam

Following an examination, we've determined that this is a scam - a deceitful cryptocurrency-related scheme orchestrated by fraudsters to lure unsuspecting individuals into specific actions. Falling prey to such... Read more

April 16, 2024
Email Messages Marked As Safe Scam screenshot

Email Messages Marked As Safe Scam

Upon reviewing the email in question, we've identified it as a phishing attempt disguised as an email from a mail service provider. Phishing emails are commonly designed to trick recipients into disclosing personal... Read more

April 12, 2024

"Email Is Due For Renewal" Scam

Upon examination of the email titled "Email Is Due For Renewal," we have determined it to be spam. This fraudulent message falsely claims that the recipient's email account is nearing its storage limit and requires an... Read more

April 10, 2024
Hyperliquid Trading Platform Scam screenshot

Hyperliquid Trading Platform Scam

The counterfeit cryptocurrency exchange platform closely resembles the legitimate Hyperliquid trading platform. Our investigation revealed that the fraudulent website replicated Hyperliquid's design almost perfectly.... Read more

April 9, 2024
MOBY Project Scam screenshot

MOBY Project Scam

Upon evaluation, it has become apparent that the MOBY Project (launchmoby[.]com) is a fraudulent operation masquerading as a legitimate platform for cryptocurrency investment, staking, and related activities. Scammers... Read more

April 18, 2024
FOXY Presale Scam screenshot

FOXY Presale Scam

Upon examination of the "FOXY Presale," it was determined to be a fraudulent page. It masquerades as a presale event for FOXY, a legitimate cryptocurrency. However, participants unknowingly trigger a cryptocurrency... Read more

April 16, 2024
Metable AirDrop Scam screenshot

Metable AirDrop Scam

"Metable AirDrop" presents itself as a deceptive platform that claims to integrate education, blockchain technology, and the Metaverse. It entices victims with the promise of a cryptocurrency giveaway, known as an... Read more

April 15, 2024
SAGA Airdrop Scam screenshot

SAGA Airdrop Scam

Upon our investigation, we uncovered that the SAGA airdrop (giveaway) is fraudulent. It is orchestrated by scammers who aim to trick individuals into believing they can acquire free cryptocurrency. However, their true... Read more

April 12, 2024
Bitcoin BSC Scam screenshot

Bitcoin BSC Scam

After examining the BITCOIN BSC scam, our investigation reveals it to be a fraudulent operation. Operating under the guise of a legitimate platform for staking Bitcoins and earning rewards, this site aims to deceive... Read more

April 10, 2024
Mode Sunrise Airdrop Scam screenshot

Mode Sunrise Airdrop Scam

The purported "Mode Sunrise Airdrop" is fraudulent. It claims to offer the distribution of Mode cryptocurrency as a giveaway. However, individuals who attempt to engage in this airdrop inadvertently expose their... Read more

April 8, 2024