Scares Users With Fake Warnings

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Stabilitysupport dot com is a misleading website that displays fake, confusingly presented warnings to frighten users and get them to act without thinking.

The main goal of this sort of misleading page is to confuse and scare the user so they click on buttons and interfaces without thinking. This is done so that the confused user can accept push notifications from the page in the dialog box that comes up.

This functionality is later used by the misleading page to send unsolicited and potentially harmful ads in the user's browser, as most misleading sites do, as they would commonly work together with rogue ad networks.

Sites like Stabilitysupport dot com will display the fake warnings inside images made to look like the interface windows of some legitimate antivirus app. This is of course just a trick. This is not an antivirus app on your screen, just images on a web page and all the text and warnings in them are always fake.

Never believe similar scary messages about viruses or issues with your system and remember to simply close similar misleading pages immediately when you land on them, to avoid any potential issues with rogue ads. Generates "You've Visited an Illegal Infected Website" Pop-Up

November 18, 2022