Uses Fake Scares

How to Avoid Scareware

Totalwebdefence dot com is a misleading website that attempts to trick users into accepting push notifications through a fake virus scare.

Like many other misleading websites, Totalwebdefence uses images styled like the interface of a legitimate antivirus program to scare the user into thinking their antivirus defense has "expired" or that the system is infected with half a dozen viruses.

This is just a pretense used to abuse affiliate programs or to push ads into the visitor's browser. You should never click any buttons or links on similar pages that tell you that your antivirus software's subscription has "expired" or that your system is infected.

The simple fact of the matter is that no website can ever obtain the security of infection status of your computer within half a second of loading. Every single message of this kind you see online is always a scam or a fraud of some kind and you should never interact with this type of page. Simply close your browser tab and move on to avoid any potential digital headaches.

October 3, 2022