Uses Fake Virus Warnings to Push Ads

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Securitysupportinfo dot live is a misleading website that will display made-up, fake warnings in an attempt to scare the user.

This type of misleading page falls into the subcategory of "fake virus warning" pages. Those will show the user images tailored to look like legitimate antivirus app windows. The images will contain all sorts of outlandish warnings about the user's system.

Those may include claims that the user has viruses on their system, or that they visited an "illegal" website, or that their antivirus subscription has expired.

No matter which specific template is used, on Securitysupportinfo dot live or any other misleading website of this kind, you should know those warnings are always fake.

This is just smoke and mirrors to confuse the user and get them to click "allow" in the dialog box the browser brings up. This will allow intrusive and potentially harmful ads from the misleading page.

Just remember that no website can know if you have viruses on your computer and always close those misleading pages when you run into them.

November 17, 2022