'I am aware is your password' Email Scam

Cybercriminals and online con artists often experiment with various social engineering techniques, which increase their odds of succeeding. One of the popular email scams in the past 2-3 years has been the so-called 'I am aware is your password' Email Scam. It comes in different variants, but all of them have one major thing in common – they mention one of the passwords that the recipient uses. If you receive this email and you are tech-savvy, you might be shocked that a self-proclaimed hacker has access to your password. Thankfully, the email is exaggerated, and the claims that your accounts have been compromised are fake. In fact, the sender of the 'I am aware is your password' Email Scam has received your password from the database of a compromised website or service – there are many public databases of this sort, and the data in them is often used to run such scams.

The criminals behind the 'I am aware is your password' Email Scam say that they have the passwords to your accounts, and they have successfully hijacked all your contacts. Furthermore, they warn you that they have recorded you while you were browsing adult websites, and they threaten to leak the videos and images to your friends, relatives, and colleagues. Allegedly, you can prevent this by agreeing to send some Bitcoin to the scammers.

We assure you that the senders of the 'I am aware is your password' Email Scam do not have any footage of you, nor do they have access to your accounts. Do not send any money to them – instead, report the sender and then delete the message.

Always be wary of incoming emails that ask you for money. Sextortion scams have been on the rise in recent years, and they are currently the most widely used type of scam. 

June 9, 2021

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