'Secure Your Email' Scam

Cybercriminals often pose as legitimate companies and service providers whenever they are trying to lure victims into a phishing scam. This is the exact strategy used by the criminals behind the new 'Secure Your Email' Scam. The con is executed through malicious emails, which claim to come from the user's email service provider. It asks them to verify their identity and improve their email security by following a link saying 'Secure Email.' However, the link takes them to a phishing page, which is hosted on a server managed by the criminals. Entering your username, password, or other information there, will reveal your login credentials to the scammers.

You should never believe random incoming emails that ask you to confirm your login credentials, improve your security, or verify your identity. While some services may use such messages, it is usually best to avoid the links in the email – instead, head to the service's websites by typing the URL manually and then find the page used to secure your account.

April 30, 2021

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