'Romanian Post' Email Scam

Phishing Attack Using SharePoint

A fraudulent email campaign targeted Romanian users with emails posing as from the 'Romanian Post' that asked recipients to open an attachment for further details about an attached invoice. The attached invoice had been replaced with a malicious file with a random name like PR119042245RO.exe, which, when opened by a recipient, downloaded the FormBook malware onto their computer. If you’ve received an unexpected email from the 'Romanian Post' that says your parcel is ready for collection, don’t open it! This is a scam that has been targeting Romanians for several months.

Popular email services are able to filter most email messages that may contain something harmful, but their protection is not 100% guaranteed. To make sure that you are safe while reviewing incoming emails, make sure to pay attention to the things they request for you. If they try hard to convince you to download and review a file, then there might be something fishy, and you should tread carefully.

The best way to stay safe from the 'Romanian Post' Email Scam is to invest in high-quality antivirus software, which will scan new files for potentially harmful traits.

April 28, 2021

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