Get started with Cyclonis Password Manager


Getting Started

Once you've installed the Cyclonis Password Manager desktop application, which you can download from here, you should create an account. To do so, simply provide a valid email address and create a master password.

WARNING: Cyclonis Password Manager doesn’t transmit or store your master password on our servers. As a result, we have no access to your decrypted data, and we have no way to reset or recover your master password. If you forget your master password, Cyclonis Password Manager cannot decrypt your data and cannot restore access to your passwords or any other data stored in your vault. Make sure you don't lose or forget your master password.

Once you've provided your email address and a master password, a confirmation code will be sent to your email address to verify it. To activate your account, simply log into your email, copy the confirmation code, and paste or enter it into Cyclonis Password Manager. That’s all it takes to activate your account! It's time to get your data organized.

  • Choose where to store your vault
    You can take full advantage of Cyclonis Password Manager’s multiple device synchronization features with its built-in option to use third-party cloud storage accounts, selected by you, to store your personal encrypted vault. Cyclonis presently integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple iCloud, and Microsoft OneDrive. You can also choose to store your vault locally on your device. Keep in mind that Cyclonis Password Manager WILL NOT automatically sync your data across multiple devices if you select the local storage option.
  • Import passwords from your web browsers
    During the setup wizard, Cyclonis Password Manager can scan your installed browsers and look for stored usernames and passwords. You can choose to import any saved logins that you wish.
  • Integrate with your browsers
    Next, Cyclonis Password Manager will ask you if you want to install the Cyclonis Password Manager browser extension. This step integrates Cyclonis Password Manager with your chosen web browser(s), enabling you to log into websites automatically, auto-fill lengthy web forms, create and save passwords directly in your browser, and use a number of other time-saving features.


Creating Your Free Trial Cyclonis Password Manager Account
Installing Browser Extension
Installing Cyclonis Password Manager