'1nCuB0' Email Scam

CVE-2017-11882 Spam Campaign

The '1nCuB0' Email Scam aims to extort users for Bitcoin by making false allegations. This type of sextortion scams are very popular in recent years, and you should learn how to spot them in order to avoid them. This particular version claims to come from an anonymous hacker who goes by the alias '1nCuB0.' They accuse the recipient of viewing illegal pornographic content, and claim to have planted malware on their computer. They threaten to share the user's browsing history, and even recordings of their online activities with their friends, family, and co-workers. To stop this from happening, the victim is told to pay a Bitcoin ransom fee in exchange for the hacker's silence.

Thankfully, the '1nCuB0' Email Scam is made up, and there is nothing truthful in the message. We assure you that the hacker has not planted malware on your device, nor do they have access to your camera, browsing history, and other details. These types of email scams rely on fear-mongering to scare their victims into agreeing to pay a ransom sum via Bitcoin. The use of cryptocurrency ensures that the transaction is anonymous and untraceable. You should never trust random text messages or emails extorting you for money. If you have any suspicions about the legitimacy of an email, search online for the sender's address, the subject, or some of its contents – you will often find out reports from other users who were approached by the same scammer.

November 12, 2021