RingCentral Email Scam


Online scammers and criminals often impersonate legitimate companies and entities in order to win the trust of potential victims. This is the strategy that the crooks behind the RingCentral Email Scam employ. They claim to send out messages coming from RingCentral. Allegedly, the email informs the victim about a pending, non-readable voicemail. The notification is well-crafted, and many users might think it is legitimate – it comes with a timestamp and the number of the sender/recipient. However, it seems that some of these emails contain the wrong phone number – users who notice this error might understand that they are the target of a scam.

But what's the goal of the scammers? They prompt the user to follow a link, which allows them to listen to the voice recording. However, they are not taken to RingCentral's login page. Instead, the user might be asked to enter their email login credentials in a phishing page. Doing this will not play any voice recording and, instead, it will expose your username and password to the con artists.

Dangerous RingCentral Email Scam Wants Your Email Login

Unfortunately, having your email inbox compromised is one of the worst things to happen to you in terms of online security and privacy. Your email is the backbone of nearly all your online accounts, and the criminals could abuse their access to compromise many of your other accounts by resetting their passwords. Even two-factor authentication (2FA) may not help since many websites use email for 2FA. The only way to protect your logins would be through external 2FA methods such as the Google Authenticator app or text messages.

The scope of the RingCentral Email Scam campaign is not clear yet, but many users in the United States have been receiving fraudulent messages. Keep an eye out for unexpected incoming messages from RingCentral – avoid interacting with them if they seem out of place.

July 6, 2021