Xcmb Ransomware


The Xcmb Ransomware is a new threatening malware that is pestering computers lately. The Xcmb Ransomware is another addition to the STOP/Djvu Ransomware. It uses numerous, different strategies to spread – compromised advertisements, fake downloads, illicit content, and even corrupted emails. To stay away from such attacks, you should avoid browsing uncertified websites. Such pages are better if not visited, and any file you download should come from verified sources.

The Xcmb Ransomware attack can cause a lot of harm. This malware searches for specific file formats because they are crucial for the victim – documents, archives, databases, media, etc. When such a file is found, the Xcmb Ransomware encrypts its contents to make them unusable. It also will change their names by adding a file extension to their original names – '.xcmb.'

The Xcmb Ransomware then displays a ransom note named '_readme.txt' containing contact and payment information.

The Ransom should be Paid?

The payment of the ransom is never a recommended solution. The people managing the threat are cybercriminals and these people are not known for their honesty. Even if they send the decryption software, you never know if it will function properly. The most probable outcome is they take the money and disappear.

How to Restore Your Files

A trustworthy anti-malware program can always detect and remove threats such as the Xcmb Ransomware from your computer. However, its removal will not bring your data back. Therefore, if you have backed up your data, you have a secure way to bring things back to normal.

December 28, 2021