Remove Giuliano Ransomware

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The Giuliano Ransomware is a dangerous file-encryption Trojan, which could cause potentially irreversible damage to your files. It is able to infect unprotected devices, and uses a complicated algorithm to encrypt data. This way, it ensures that the victim will not be able to recover their files via free utilities. Whenever it locks a file, this Trojan uses the suffix '.Giuliano' to tag its name. For example, the file 'document.xlsx' will go by 'document.xlsx.Giuliano' after the attack.

The primary goal of ransomware operators is profit, but this might not be the case with the Giuliano Ransomware. The ransom message it leaves, titled 'README.txt,' advises victims to visit a GitHub page for the decryptor. It appears that the software is offered for free, and that the Giuliano Ransomware might serve an educational purpose. Its creator wants to familiarize users with the dangers of ransomware attacks without actually harming their files.

Giuliano Ransomware

It appears that the GitHub solution offered in the ransom message does work. It is recommended to follow these instructions if the Giuliano Ransomware takes your data hostage. Of course, keep in mind that you will still need to run an anti-malware scanner to ensure that the file-encryption Trojan has been removed fully.

November 29, 2021