Remove SprintSolution

The SprintSolution Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) for Macs is not dangerous. However, it could bring undesired changes to the configuration of your system or Web browser. Before we talk about the changes it brings, however, let's mention the tricks its creators use to reach your computer. The SprintSolution might hide in a software bundle, which you might encounter when looking for free media players, file convertors, or other similar utilities. Whenever you are installing non-vetted, free apps, you should make sure to check each part of the installation carefully. If you encounter any offers to install 3rd-party apps alongside the original software, it is best to ignore them.

Of course, software bundling is not the only trick that the SprintSolution relies on. It might also reach you through deceptive ads, fake downloads, or pirated content. Needless to say, watching out for all sorts of shady files is not easy – this is why you should automate your Mac's protection with the assistance of up-to-date security software.

Once running, SprintSolution may replace your Web browser's default new tab page and search engine with an alternative, low-quality site. The latter might yield unsatisfying search results, or it may show extra ads and pop-ups that do not deliver relevant content. Needless to say, you should not allow unknown software to manipulate your browser's behavior.

To remove SprintSolution, you should use a reliable anti-malware scanner that will ensure the full and safe removal of this PUP.

By Ruik
November 17, 2021
November 17, 2021