Remove SearchUp Mac

SearchUp for Mac is a troublesome application, which has been bothering Apple users for over a year. There are plenty of posts on the official Apple forums from users who are wondering what SearchUp is. Allegedly, it has the ability to modify the settings of the Safari Web browser, and users find it impossible to remove the app manually. Even if they try to delete some of its files, this does not solve the problem. Allegedly, one of the consequences of having SearchUp on your Mac is that the app will replace your Safari new tab page and search engine to an alternative website. While this is not dangerous, it clearly hinders your ability to navigate and search the Web like you are used to.

The installation of SearchUp often occurs without the user's knowledge. This might happen because of a fake download of an updater or installer. In other cases, software bundling might help SearchUp get to Mac computers and laptops. Regardless of the delivery technique, the changes that SearchUp brings are always the same.

Many Mac users who spot SearchUp on their computer also report finding another dubious app called QuickLookPI. Both of these are identified as Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) by popular Mac security products. While they are not harmful, they clearly are not there to help enhance your experience. Dealing with the SearchUp and QuickLookPI intruders is a task that you should not try to handle manually. Their files may be spread across multiple directories, and deleting all of them is very challenging. We suggest eliminating them by using an up-to-date Mac security scanner.

September 30, 2021