Browser Hijacker '' is a Major Annoyance for Most

pup is a browser hijacker site known for not having any useful functions, links, or services. In fact, the could have potentially malicious links if it is loaded.

The major annoyance of is that it displays a pop-up that seeks permission from the computer user to display additional notifications, which may bombard a computer user with repeated pop-ups to the point that surfing the web is difficult.

In a case where is automatically loading as a default home page or new tab page the computer user should take action to find and eliminate the browser extensions that have modified Internet settings. Such a process may be done manually by savvy computer users but there may be other associated components that must be found and removed. Use of an antimalware program will ensure all components associated with are found and safely removed thus allowing the computer user to reset their Internet settings.

September 22, 2022