Browser Hijacker

browser hijacker

News-rapera dot cc is a misleading website that is used to spread a browser hijacker.

When a user lands on News-rapera dot cc, this is most likely the result of a rogue ad redirect, as you'd be hard-pressed to find this page through a Google search.

There is no meaningful content on News-rapera dot cc, the website exists with a singular purpose - to deliver ads to as many browsers as possible. In order to do this, though, it needs user permission first.

The site will bring up the browser's default "allow notifications" dialog box, hoping that the user will click "allow" in the hopes of seeing the content of the page. Clicking "allow" only gives News-rapera dot cc permission to stuff your browser full of annoying and potentially harmful ads.

Misleading pages like this one often partner up with rogue ad networks to deliver their ads. This means the ads shown may link to potentially unwanted applications, other misleading websites and questionable content.

The easiest way to avoid all those potential issues is to just close your browser tab as soon as you land on a website that doesn't have any meaningful content on its page and expects you to click buttons or give permission for anything in order to work.

July 5, 2022