How to Remove Browser Hijacker

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News-viwinu dot cc is the domain of a misleading website and the name of the browser hijacker associated with it.

If you happen to land on News-viwinu dot cc, you will be shown a static image of what looks like a web video player. The page will have large text urging visitors to click "allow" to watch the video that was never there in the first place.

Misleading websites like News-viwinu dot cc have no videos or other content on them. Their goal is simply to get as many people as possible to click "allow". Doing this will permit the site to shove tons of intrusive and potentially harmful ads in your browser.

Rogue ad networks will often partner with such misleading websites. This means that the ads delivered by them into your browser may link to all sorts of trouble, from scam pages to other misleading sites and questionable content or potentially unwanted programs.

To avoid all of this and save yourself the headache of trying to clear the browser hijacker from your PC, simply never click any buttons or links when you land on a similar page. Know the tell-tale signs - random letters in the domain name, and asking users to click random buttons to access the site in the first place.

July 8, 2022