Millennial Employees Are the Worst at Reusing Work Passwords

A new study shows that US employees still reuse passwords a lot. The data also highlights that the issue is most prevalent among millennial employees.

The data was published by Visual Objects and it outlines a very serious issue. A massive 63% of US employees were found to reuse passwords when interacting with applications and services in their workplace. The worst offenders appear to be millennials, who were up to 6.5 times more likely to consistently reuse their office passwords. The comparison is drawn against baby boomer employees who took better care of their passwords and employed better safety practices.

Analysts believe that this negligence when it comes to password security comes from the extreme familiarity with and reliance on technology when it comes to millennials. Brad Bussie, analyst and vice president of Entisys360, further stated that millennials seem to "trust" big companies and services, believe that corporations have their back and appear to think security should always be "built-in" into whatever service or application they use.

Other interesting statistics show that more than half of US employees are not at all worried about storing some sort of personal information on their work computers. In this metric, however, millennials are doing better and are more careful when it comes to putting personal information on their work devices. The separation of personal and work-related data is an important one to understand and stick to, regardless of your age or occupation.

Another metric from the poll shows that the overwhelming majority of employees believe the company they work for should be largely responsible for security. This false shift of responsibility can often cause a lot of trouble, and it has in the past, even with big corporations and companies. The personal responsibility of each employee when it comes to following good digital security practices, especially when it comes to passwords, should never be marginalized.

The fact that a lot of office workers are currently working from home in the Covid-19 pandemic does not change that. If anything, security is even more important now that so many people work from home, on devices that may be less secure than the ones in their usual workplace.

November 19, 2020

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