Make Sure Your Wizz Air Password Is Strong Now That You Are Forced to Reset It

Did you receive a notification asking to reset your Wizz Air password? If you have, do not lose your head just yet. Yes, you need to reset your password, and that is not just a suggestion. No, the company was not attacked, and your personal data was not leaked or stolen by cyber criminals. Without a doubt, with major data breaches being reported nearly every week, the first thing we think when a data reset is requested is that something went terribly wrong in the security department. In this case, however, it appears that Wizz Air users were asked to change passwords as a security precaution. In any case, now that you have been forced to do it, we suggest choosing a strong combination when resetting the password. If you need help resetting the Wizz Air password, you are reading the right article.

Why did Wizz Air force customers to change the password?

According to the email message that Wizz Air customers received, a "temporary technical irregularity" was discovered in the company's system, and the resetting of the Wizz Air password comes as a "precautionary action." The initial message did not include all the necessary details, and it was stated that a second message would offer more information. Nonetheless, it included specific requirements for a Wizz Air password, and it warned users not to use the old password all over again. Overall, it is unclear what exactly happened with the internal systems of the Hungarian airline, and we are still waiting to learn more. At this point, however, it does not look like a data breach was operated by malicious third parties, and it is possible that the safety of customers has not been jeopardized. That being said, security-related requests and changes need to be taken seriously, and so you should reset Wizz Air password immediately. We do not know what could happen if you postponed this, but do you really want to find out?

Choose a strong combination when resetting passwords

Hopefully, you know perfectly well that a password is a sensitive piece of data. It unlocks the virtual door to your online account, and so you want it to be as secure as possible. How you keep and share your password is important, but it might be most important how you create it. If you pick a generic word and pin a random number at the end (e.g., password1), you will not have a secure password. According to Wizz Air guidelines, your password has to be made up of 7-16 characters and include both letters and numbers. These are not very strict guidelines, and they certainly do not guarantee that you create a strong password. Check out this list of passwords that are most popular and, therefore, most vulnerable. If you use any of them on your accounts too, you must change them immediately. Why? That is because cyber criminals constantly perform brute-force attacks, during which they use automated tools and software to try to gain access to vulnerable accounts. They go through all platforms, and you could be the next victim if you do not secure your accounts soon.

So, how do you create a strong password? First of all, we suggest creating a password that is as long as you can make it. When it comes to the Wizz Air password, your limit is 16 characters. Next, we suggest coming up with a password that is completely random, includes numbers, letters (both upper and lower-case), and special characters, which Wizz Air allows you to use. That might look something like this – ^+_?9-=5+D!np?!A, !#%?L9&3@--|*;+w, or 3||e!_Zi!8*:+=-!. Now, who could ever remember a password like this one? Unless you have a one-of-a-kind memory, it is unlikely that you can remember a password that is as random as one of these. To add insult to the injury, every single password you use has to be this complex if you want it to be impenetrable. So, what can you do? Should you write down every password and then work hard to enter it every time you need to log in? That is unnecessary with Cyclonis Password Manager. In fact, using this tool, you do not even need to come up with complex passwords, as an integrated Password Generator will do it for you. The program is free for Windows, Mac, and Android users, and so there is no reason not to use it.

Did you reuse your Wizz Air password?

Before you go, there is one last thing to talk about, and that is password recycling. If you have reused passwords, it is important that you look into securing other accounts that have the same password. Although your security might not have been jeopardized yet, password recycling is a terrible habit that many people still have today. The thing is that if one account is breached, all other accounts that share the same password could fall at risk. Now, in our situation, it does not look like cyber criminals are involved, but it is as good a time as any to make smart changes. As we discussed earlier, every single password you use has to be strong and, therefore, complex. Use the free Password Generator to make all of your accounts secure as soon as possible.

In fact, if you do not change your passwords, the situation could reverse itself. A different account could be breached by cyber criminals, and then they could use the stolen password to break into your Wizz Air account. As you can see, recycling passwords is not a good idea, and you should stop doing it. If you have other concerns regarding passwords, or the Wizz Air password specifically, do not hesitate to contact us by leaving a comment down below.

July 31, 2019

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