How to Fix FTP 530 Login Authentication Error

FTP servers fulfill the protocol where data, files, and folders are exchanged. These servers are primarily used by FTP clients or webmasters, which work with transferring files into the FTP servers.

Sometimes the webmasters come across an error known as "530 login authentication error". The FTP clients are unable to connect to the server when this error occurs. Plainly said, when an FTP client tries to establish a connection with the server using the login credentials, it fails to happen so. Keep reading to find out how to handle this issue.

530 Login Authentication error solutions

The FTP connection error arises when the server is unable to verify the username and password of the user. Aside from that, there are two other possible reasons for the 530 login authentication failed. To begin a connection with the FTP server, the client must enter the correct login credentials (username and password). If the client does not, or inputs incorrect data it will result in an error. The default user account in FTP has the "username" as the name of the login. Any extra user account should be in a specific format. Like "". If the format is not preserved during the login, you will likely see the FTP 530 login authentication error.

Corrupted Password

The passwords user accounts in FTP are stored encrypted in the ftpd database. However, if there has been an update on the cPanel, or any update in the FTP server, then the password could get corrupted.

Invalid DNS information.

If the DNS information is inaccurate, then you will probably get the 530 login authentication error.

How to solve the Login Credentials problem

The issue can be connected to Filezilla. This means that there may have been some adjustments done incorrectly in the encryption settings. Perhaps some unusual encryption settings may have been enabled. Go to the "Settings". From there, click on the option called "Use Simple FTP". This is not optimal for security, but it will get the job done.

As I wrote above, another issue can be the username. The default user account has a "username" as the name of the login. But for any added user account, the format needs to look like this. "".

Also, ensure that you are entering the correct login information like username, password, and the hostname during the FTP server access. If you are 100% sure that you're entering the correct info and you're still failing to log in you should try resetting the password.

Another thing you can do if you're getting this error is to check your domain name server information. The domain name server is an essential aspect while trying to generate an FTP connection. Ensure that the DNS information is correct and no changes have been made to it. One way to check if the DNS is correct is by making sure the hostname is the point to the nameserver.

Also, try synchronizing your account password
If the servers have been modified, or if there have been any internal problems with the database then the password for all the user accounts could be corrupted. But there is a way to retrieve the password if it is indeed corrupted. You can try switching to Pro FTP from Pure FTP. Doing so will result in password recovery from the database.
Also, you can try synchronizing the user account password using the WHM if you're in cPanel. This would replace the corrupted password.

February 25, 2020

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