'Finder Quit Unexpectedly' Error

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Seeing the 'Finder Quit Unexpectedly' Error on your Mac is not something to worry about if it happened just once, or you end up seeing it every couple of months. However, the moment it becomes a regular occurrence, it means that there is some issue that should be looked into. Below, we will tell you more about the 'Finder Quit Unexpectedly' Error, what to do when you encounter it, and things to try to fix if it becomes a regular event.

Relaunching Finder After it Crashes

Typically, the app should reopen automatically after you close the error window. If this does not happen, you will need to take care of the task manually:

  • Go to Apple Menu -> Force Quit, select Finder, and press 'Relaunch.'
  • Right-click Finder's icon in the Dock, and select 'Relaunch.'
  • Use the Activity Monitor to quit Finder and relaunch it.
  • Open Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal, and type killall –KILL Finder. Then, reopen Finder.

If the Issue Persists…

Unfortunately, seeing 'Finder Quit Unexpectedly' Error regularly may mean trouble. Some of the simpler fixes to try out include:

  • Restart your Mac, hold down the Shift key immediately, and release it when the login screen appears. You will start in 'Safe Mode,' which only runs the essential drivers and software. If the issue is fixed, then one of the apps that run usually is likely to be cause of the problem.
  • Manage login items by following our guide on How to Manage Mac Startup Programs. Turn off entries that are not a necessity. Even better, turn off all of them, and then run the apps one by one to see which is causing the Finder error.
  • Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files or other data that might not be needed – more disk cleaning tips can be found at 'Your startup disk is almost full' Mac Error.

If all else fails, you may need to resort to the last ditch effort – perform a clean reinstall of your operating system. This option is available through Mac's recovery mode – How to Start Mac in Recovery Mode.

April 30, 2021

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