'Audio Renderer Error. Please Restart Your Computer' Error

You can run into the "Audio Renderer Error. Please Restart Your Computer" error message when you are watching any streaming content in your browser. However, the source of the issue with this specific error is usually not your browser but your audio drivers.

There are a couple of easy and relatively simple fixes you can attempt if you keep getting this error message, even after rebooting your computer, as the error suggests. All of those fixes have to do with your audio device drivers.

First of all, try running the built-in Windows 10 audio device troubleshooter. To access it, click your start menu and open your system Settings using the gear icon. Once the settings screen comes up, click the "Update and Security" icon. Find the "Troubleshoot" key icon in the panel on the left hand side and click it. In the right panel of the window, find and click "Additional troubleshooters".

Once the new window comes up, click the "Playing audio" speaker icon, then click the "Run the troubleshooter" button. Follow the onscreen prompts in the troubleshooter, select your appropriate audio device and wait for the troubleshooter to complete.

This will fix some instances of the "Audio Renderer Error. Please Restart Your Computer" issue. However, if you find that the problem persists even after running the troubleshooter, you may need to reinstall your audio drivers. Thankfully, in Windows 10 this process is very simple and painless.

Right click your start menu and click "Device Manager". In the device manager window, scroll down until you find the group named "Sound, video and game controllers". Expand the group and right click on your audio device. In the context menu select "Uninstall device", wait for the task to complete, then reboot your system.

Once your PC reboots, Windows will find the driverless audio device and install the appropriate audio driver for it, effectively doing a clean install for you.

This will usually take care of the "Audio Renderer Error. Please Restart Your Computer" error and you will be able to enjoy watching videos normally in whatever browser you choose.

January 8, 2021

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