'Your PC Has a Trojan' Pop-Ups

'Your PC Has a Trojan' Pop-Ups are malicious message, which aim to promote shady software and downloads. These false messages rely on fear-mongering tactics to convince users to follow their instructions. Often, they contain a fake antivirus report, which says that there are multiple dangerous Trojans and viruses on the user's computer. We assure you that random Web page cannot scan your systems for viruses and generate a report like that – the ones claiming to do this are likely to be part of a con.

What's the End Goal of the 'Your PC Has a Trojan' Pop-Ups?

Typically, the scammers behind such messages want to get money from their potential victim. Of course, they do not extort victims in the way that ransomware operators do. Instead, they convince them to willingly pay for fake products and services that are supposed to have eliminate the Trojan. The software that 'Your PC Has a Trojan' Pop-Ups promote is fake and useless, and paying for it will not grant you any protection against malware.

In other cases, the scam might work by offering fake technical support services. The authors of the 'Your PC Has a Trojan' Pop-Ups say that they can help you remove the Trojan, but only if you pay for their one-time computer technician support. Needless to say, paying will not get you in touch with reputable technical support services. If you see the 'Your PC Has a Trojan' Pop-Ups while browsing the Web, you should remember to ignore their contents – no matter how scary and convincing they sound. If you are worried about having a Trojan, then install and run a reputable antivirus software suite that will scan your system for intruders.

By Ruik
November 24, 2021
November 24, 2021