"Whats App Missed Voice Message" Email Scam

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There is a new scam going around, this time targeting WhatsApp users - a huge demographic which makes similar bulk spam email scams hit their mark more easily.

The email is very brief and to the point. The full text of the email is as follows:

Whats App

Missed voice message.


Date: [date here]

Duration: xx seconds


© 2022 Whats App

A huge red flag with the scam email should be the fact that the name of WhatsApp is spelled with a space in both locations and the official application's name is "WhatsApp".

If a user clicks the "Play" button in the email, they will be redirected to a malicious page controlled by the criminals behind the scam, and whatever information they enter on that page will be stolen, including account login details and personally identifiable information.

Additionally, the scam may refer the user to other scam pages and misleading websites that may phish additional login information from the victims.

Remember to always double-check the address bar and the URL of any page you land on before entering any information in any forms on that page. Never trust a page with a strange or nonsensical URL and keep away from any login forms you suspect may be fake.

July 7, 2022