What to Do If Your MacBook is Not Charging

There are quite a few things that can scare you in your everyday use of your computer, whether you use a Windows laptop or a MacBook. If one day you plug in your charger and find your MacBook is not charging up at all, it can be quite a scare.

This article will give you a few ideas you can try before you panic. The outlook for a MacBook that isn't charging isn't great, but there are still a few things you can try, some more obvious than the others.

First of all, make sure your power socket is not faulty. Simply take your MacBook and charger to another outlet and plug it in there. If you still have no luck, it is time to check the charger.

Cables can get broken strands of wire in them if they stay in high-tension positions that strain the cable near both ends. If you suspect your charger is faulty, you should simply try using a different charger and see if your MacBook finally charges normally.

If neither the cables and power adapter nor the power outlet is to blame, you could try one last thing, given you're sure your charger and outlet are fine. The official guidelines from Apple include one last thing you can try before you start worrying about replacements. Just shut down your MacBook, then close the display panel. Keep it turned off and closed for about 30 seconds, then open it up again and try plugging it in and charging it again.

If all of this fails, you may be in need of physical repairs. Your best bet is an Apple authorized service provider. Bring your MacBook to the technicians working there to have it evaluated and then proceed according to their recommendations.

October 27, 2021