Urgentscanur.com Uses Cheap Virus Scare Tricks

trojan horse malware

Urgentscanur dot com is a misleading site that belongs to what can be called the "fake virus warnings" category of misleading pages.

Similar misleading pages will use a number of fake warnings about virus and malware infections. Those warnings are often styled to resemble the interface and dialog boxes of legitimate antivirus applications. This is done in the hopes that the fake skin of the warning will lend some air of credibility to the misleading page.

This type of misleading site usually tells you your computer is infected with at least half a dozen viruses and pieces of malware. This is all fake information and is there only to scare the visitor.

Those misleading sites will also display "allow notifications" dialog boxes, hoping the already scared user will click through them without thinking. Doing this will allow ads and pop-ups from the misleading page.

A lot of the time those ads will be sourced from rogue ad networks that can deliver ads linking to misleading pages, scams and questionable content. That is why you should never click any buttons or interact with any pages that tell you your system is infected because all of those will be fake and misleading warnings.

August 2, 2022