Uses Fake Video to Push Ads

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Ukindwouldm dot xyz is a misleading website that attempts to convince visitors there is a desirable video on the page. The entire purpose of the site is to inject a browser hijacker in your browser of choice and spam your system with ads.

Landing on the page, you will see a video player frame and a fake anti-bot captcha. Along with this, the browser will bring up its default "allow notifications" interface. Clicking "allow" in that, hoping to watch a fun video, will only allow the page to spam your browser with ads that are both intrusive and potentially dangerous.

Similar misleading pages often partner up with rogue ad networks. As a consequence of this, a lot of the ads delivered through those networks may link to scam pages, misleading sites, malicious files or potentially unwanted programs.

When you run into similar sites when browsing, seeing an unfamiliar domain that is obviously randomly generated gibberish, simply close your browser tab and move on.

July 14, 2022