Baits Visitors with Fake Video

Videofileconvertpro dot xyz is a misleading website that has been set up with a singular purpose - to push intrusive ads into the browsers of as many visitors as possible.

When a user lands on Videofileconvertpro dot xyz, they are shown a background image of what looks like a video player, along with the text "Click Allow to watch the video". Even though the domain name suggests the page should be set up to convert video files, the text suggests otherwise.

The reality is that there is neither a video file nor a video conversion tool on the page. All that Videofileconvertpro dot xyz does is display the default browser "allow notifications" dialog, expecting users to click "allow", encouraged by the text and fake video player.

Allowing push notifications from similar misleading pages will only allow them to push a ton of intrusive ads in your browser. Those ads will commonly originate from rogue ad networks and may expose you to additional malicious or misleading pages, questionable content, and potentially unwanted software.

The best move when you run into a page similar to Videofileconvertpro dot xyz is to just close the browser and never click or interact with any elements on the page.

May 26, 2022