Loads Ads with Fake Downloads

alerts pop-ups

Twithdiffer dot xyz is a misleading website that has been thrown together very lazily. The only reason it exists is to shove ads in your browser that are both unsolicited and potentially dangerous.

Landing on the page, you will see just a bunch of text on a blank slate. The page will inform you that in order to start downloading from it, you need to enable browser notifications. There is no useful or interesting file to download here, it's just a setup to get visitors to allow ads in their browser, through push notifications functionality.

Similar misleading websites will often partner up with rogue ad networks. This makes the issue much worse, as ads served up through rogue advertising networks may link to questionable content, untrustworthy websites, scams and potentially unwanted program installers.

It is easy to stay away from similar issues. All you need to do is remember that no legitimate website will force you to allow notifications to offer its normal functionality. All those websites that encourage you to click "allow" to watch a video or download a file are malicious and misleading. Simply close your browser when you land on a similar page and go on with your day.

August 4, 2022