'Transaction received into blockchain wallet' Email Scam

The boom of the cryptocurrency market has caused a lot of online con artists to try and exploit this lucrative market. Social media networks are flooded with fake profiles and pages advertising fake giveaways that users can sign up for by sending some cryptocurrency to a 'promo' wallet. However, scammers are also exploring alternative emails to reach out to potential victims – for example, email spam. Recently, users have been receiving emails claiming to come from 'Blockchain.com,' informing them that they have won a raffle for around 0.5 Bitcoin.

The so-called 'Transaction received into blockchain wallet' Email Scam asks the recipient to confirm the transaction and claim their funds. According to the message, this can be done by following a link that will guide them through the confirmation process. In reality, however, the link is malicious and may take the user to malware-ridden pages or even to phishing websites, which will try to convince them to enter their Bitcoin wallet private key, or even their username and password for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Some of the malicious websites associated with the 'Transaction received into blockchain wallet' Email Scam are explorer-coin.hopto.org and explorer-blockhain.ath.cx. You can rest assured that Blockchain.com has no ongoing giveaways. Even if such a giveaway did exist, legitimate websites would never ask you to provide sensitive data such as your username, password, private key, or recovery phrase. If you see the 'Transaction received into blockchain wallet' Email Scam message in your inbox, you should report the sender and delete it immediately.

May 18, 2021