TeslaStrategy Giveaway Scam Fishes for Naive Victims

There is yet another scam making the rounds online, yet again abusing names, branding and imagery associated with Tesla and the company's face and CEO - Elon Musk.

First things first - it should be made clear that the scam has nothing to with the legitimate company, or with Elon Musk in any capacity. The scam simply abuses the imagery in an attempt to lend some sort of credibility to the thinly-veiled scam.

The scam uses a simple setup - it claims Tesla is doing a "digital giveaway" and participants can win or split a total of 50 thousand BTC. This is of course not something that can happen for free. Participants are expected to give to receive, with the usual, simple but surprisingly effective hook that participants will get back double the amount of crypto they pitch in.

Of course, there is nothing to be won here. Participating in the fake giveaway will only lead to your crypto disappearing in some cybercriminal's wallet and you will never get anything back.

Given the frequency with which this sort of scam using very similar setups and lures shows up, hopefully by now people are much more aware of it.

August 1, 2022