Taking over Your Fortnite Account Is Easier Than You Think: 4 Steps to Secure It

If you think hackers could not care less about your Fortnite account, you are wrong. BBC's interview with one of them revealed cybercriminals make thousands of dollars a week by selling stolen accounts to other gamers. Some players have valuable items or rare accessories, while others have nothing. Nonetheless, all profiles have some value and can be sold to the right buyer. Therefore, whether you have invested a lot of your money to create your character, or you value the hours you spent to get the items you have, we highly recommend securing your account right away. To help you with this task, further in the text, we talk about how to create strong Fortnite login credentials and what additional precautions to take. Also, we explain how to reset and change Fortnite login password in case your account gets hacked.

About Fortnite

Fortnite is an online video game created by Epic Games. It is a somewhat new game as it showed up only in 2017, yet it is already extremely popular and has over 200 million players. Thus, it is no wonder hackers are targeting its players all the time. In addition to daily attacks, recently the game's users were exposed to a vulnerability that may have allowed cybercriminals access their accounts without Fortnite login credentials. Check Point security company's researchers discovered a suspicious website that might have been used to collect users' identification tokens and that was able to do so because of the game's vulnerability.

With stolen identification tokens, the cybercriminals could not only take control over the account but also purchase game items while using the user's saved credit card information. It is unknown whether hackers were able to exploit the flaw, but Epic Games fixed it so users can feel safe once more. Unless they have not secured their accounts yet. As said earlier, there are lots of hackers who search for profiles to hack and earn money by selling them to other gamers.

How to secure your Fortnite account?

All of the steps listed below can help you create a new secure Fortnite account. In case you already have one, we would advise you to pay close attention to the tips on the account's password and Two-Factor authentication feature. This is the most important whether you want to secure a new or old account.

Do not link your accounts

For many of us creating login credentials for new accounts is an annoying process, and many players choose to skip it so they could start playing faster. However, as much as it may look tempting to tie your account to your Google, Facebook, or some other profile, cybersecurity specialists recommend against it. If you use your social media account to connect to lots of separate accounts, it becomes a gateway to them. Needless to say, if cybercriminals gain control over it, they could take over all of the other profiles tied to it. Thus, it is safer to keep your accounts separate from one another.

Use a unique username

A lot of usernames are available on the Internet from various data breaches, and some can be easily guessed if you use words or phrases liked by many. Once the hackers figure out the user name all they need to do is guess the Fortnite's login password, which might be weak too. This is why it is best to use multiple usernames for different games or accounts. Make it as unique as possible and try not to include words that are commonly used among other gamers.

Set up a complex password

We cannot stress enough how vital it is to create a strong Fortnite login password. Nowadays, cybercriminals have various hacking tools that can guess your password if it is not unique enough. For example, the tool can compare it with not only commonly used words or combinations, but also with login credentials obtained during different data breaches. How fast the password can be cracked depends on how long it is, if it includes both lower-case and upper-case letters, symbols, and so on. To put it simply, the longer and more random the combination is, the stronger it should be. Moreover, do not think it is enough to come up with one strong combination, as cybersecurity experts say users should use a unique password for all of their accounts. Of course, it is challenging to create and memorize such passcodes on your own, which is why cybersecurity experts advise using a password manager.

We advise using Cyclonis Password Manager since it is not only free to use but also can offer various advanced features and keep your login credentials safe. The application stores them on an encrypted vault created on the user's preferred cloud storage or his device. There is no need to add passcodes manually as once installed the software's extension should ask you if you want to save a particular password upon logging in. Besides, if you choose, the tool can even log you in automatically the next time. Accordingly, you can start creating extremely complex passcodes with the tool's Password Generator for other accounts too since you would not have to remember them anymore.

Turn on Two-Factor Authentication

Once you create a strong Fortnite login password, you should set up Two-Factor Authentication too. This step is crucial in securing the account because if the hackers manage to crack your password, this extra layer can still protect it. Fortnite's players can enable this feature too, and as a result, they can get notifications when someone from a different computer is trying to log in. For more information about how to set it up, you should continue reading here.

What's more, many users choose to receive verification codes to their email address, but did you know it is safer to have a separate account for receiving such codes that would be unknown to anyone? The less the email address is used, the lesser are the chances it will be leaked during a data breach. Naturally, if cybercriminals do not know about its existence, it is unlikely it will ever get attacked. As a result, all of the verification codes sent to the account should be safe. If you decide to try out Cyclonis Password Manager, keep in mind it offers Two-Factor Authentication via email as well. You can even choose whether you want the application to ask you for a verification code on each login, or only when you are logging in from another device.

What to do if you think your account was hacked?

Provided the hackers have not yet set up Two-Factor Authentication, which would prevent you from accessing the account, there is still hope to recover it. In case you suspect someone accessed your account, or you cannot log in and are sure it was hacked, you should change Fortnite login password immediately. Without further ado, here are instructions on how to reset your passcode.

Reset/Change Fortnite login password

  1. Go to the Fortnite login page.
  2. Click the Password Help button.
  3. Submit the email address used when registering the account.
  4. Press Send Email and wait for an email from the game.
  5. Open the message and click on Reset Password.
  6. Come up with or generate a strong password and insert it in the New Password field.
  7. Enter the password again in the Verify New Password field.
  8. Press Reset Password.

To conclude, if you like playing Fortnite, you can never let your guard down if you do not want to lose your account. Whether your profile gets on the cybercriminals' radar, or another vulnerability exposes it to hackers, you have to be ready for it. The steps we listed in this text should help you increase your account's security and change Fortnite login password with a stronger one.

January 29, 2019

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