'Stromag' Email Scam Carries Malicious Payload

A new email scam is being distributed online using malicious spam mass emai campaigns. This time, the campaign is called the 'Stromag' email scam.

Unlike many similar email scams that attempt to redirect victims to a fake login page and steal their credentials, the 'Stromag' scam attempts something different. The full text of the scam email is as follows:

Dear sir,

I hope this email finds you well.

Please find attached Order for your acknowledgement.

kindly send invoice in order to proceed with the request for the advance payment.

Awaiting your reply.

Thank you.

Best regards

Holger Schulz

Stromag GmbH

Hansastr. 120

D-59425 Unna

Technical Sales, Customer Care, Unna

Direct +49 2303 102202



Datenschutzerklärung / Data Privacy Policy

It should be noted that the scam has nothing to do with the legitimate Stromag company that manufactures industrial-grade metal products. The scam contains a fake invoice in a malicious attachment. The file carries a "pdf.z" extension and contains the Agent Tesla remote access trojan malware in it.

You should not open any unsolicited emails and need to be particularly wary about any attached files that may come with such unsolicited mail.

November 9, 2022