FedEx Corporation Email Scam

fedex email scam

There is yet another scam making the rounds online, abusing and misusing the name and branding imagery of a legitimate company, in this case - FedEx.

The so-called FedEx Corporation email scam is pretty much a by-the-numbers job. The campaign relies on malicious spam emails, being sent out with large FedEx logo images in the email's body.

The actual text is very brief and goes as follows:

Attached is the report relating to the following mechanical equipment shipment entrusted to FedEx Express:

Thanks for the attention.

Kind regards,

FedEx Express.

The email is accompanied by a malicious attachment, as things usually are with a lot of email scams. The attached file is named "FEDeX-Tracking Details_Updated.r00", or may be a slight variation of this specific name.

Once the victim attempts to open the attached file, a malicious payload will be deployed on their system.

Be very careful with what lands in your email's inbox and always double-check the sender's address, scanning every attachment locally before you attempt opening the file.

July 29, 2022