Wizard Spider APT Hacker Group Proliferates Ransomware Attacks

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Wizard Spider is a group of cybercrooks, or an advanced persistent threat (APT) group that has been on the radar of law enforcement for some time. Among law enforcement seeking the malicious activities of Wizard Spider, the FBI, UK National Crime Agency, Europol, and Interpol, have all had many inroads with Wizard Spider and their attacks on banking institutions utilizing specialized banking Trojan horse threats.

The Wizard Spider group remains to be active after years of leveraging well-known malware threats, such as Ryuk Ransomware, Conti Ransomware, and the Trickbot Trojan. Wizard Spider appears to have used many of the threats in the past in demanding massive ransom amounts from victimized computer users or system administrators. Moreover, through the use of sophisticated toolsets and resources, Wizard Spider has scoured organizations in ways that they have made away with ransom demands or basic data pilfering attacks on institutions.

The propagation of the Wizard Spider and their malicious actions may continue to run amuck until law enforcement is able to put a stop to the activities or bring the Wizard Spider group to justice.

The ransom mafia-like actions of Wizard Spider are nothing new, but security experts believe that such groups could add to the mass hysteria of ransomware attacks on organizations, such as ones that recently brought down the Colonial Pipeline and healthcare organizations. Computer users and system administrators must be vigilant in preventing such attacks and be on the look for the tell-tell actions of Wizard Spider and the spread of their ransomware threats.

By Zane
May 28, 2021

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