Remove Pop-Ups

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The website is dedicated to showing misleading content, fake security alerts and virus warnings. These messages aim to convince users that their device is in immediate danger. We assure you that the Pop-Ups are not a reliable source of such information – anything they say is a lie. The scammers behind this website want to convince users to sign up for shady services and products, which cost a lot of money. Allegedly, the products and services in question can help users fix the pending security problems.

The Pop-Ups may often claim to come from a reputable antivirus product or company, therefore making them appear more reliable. Needless to say, no reputable company is affiliated with – this is just another trick to make the scam seem somewhat believable.

Why am I seeing the Pop-Ups?

Users often end up seeing this page's contents because they were browsing low-quality pages – torrent trackers, illegal streams, sites hosting pirated content, etc. These sites often co-operate with rogue ad networks that may often promote shady pages like

If you see the Pop-Ups, you must not trust them. Leave the site immediately and ignore its contents.

January 3, 2022