Remove Pop-Ups

adware popups

The Pop-Ups contain false information about the health and security of your device. It seems that most of these messages are targeted at owners of Apple devices. However, it is likely that the website may host versions for Android or other operating systems as well. The common thing for all of the Pop-Ups is that they provide misleading data regarding the condition, security, and privacy of the user's device.

For example,'s iOS Pop-Ups say that 'Your Apple iPhone is severely damaged by (6) viruses!' The scary message goes on by saying that hackers might be spying on you, or stealing your information. We assure you that all of these statements are fake – never believe websites that make such bold statements. The goal of the Pop-Ups is to scare you into thinking that you need to immediately seek assistance. The page will then offer a solution – download a paid application that will supposedly fix these issues.

Users who fall for this scam may often end up paying dozens of dollars for a fake and useless application, which claims to fix non-existent issues. Random websites are unable to scan your device or connection for security concerns – you should never trust sites that claim to offer such information.

If you encounter the Pop-Ups, you should close them immediately, and disregard any information they claim to provide you with.

November 1, 2021