Remove Pop-Ups Pop-Ups are malicious browser messages, which users of computers and mobile devices may encounter while browsing the Web. These pop-ups will automatically deliver content based on the visitor's operating system. This means that Windows users see one thing, while macOS users see another thing. However, the goal of the Pop-Ups is always the same – to scare users into thinking that their system is malware-infested.

According to the Pop-Ups, users have one or more Trojans/spyware active on their device. Allegedly, hackers are trying to steal their documents, logins, and other private information at the moment.

What do the Creators of Want?

Of course, these false messages and warning are there with a purpose. Sometimes, con artists use them to promote fake and expensive technical support services. In this case, however, the scammers are promoting dodgy software. Users who agree with the Pop-Ups may end up downloading low-quality security tools, VPN solutions, etc. Sometimes these spam their device with ads, while others trick them into paying for the full version that costs a few dozen dollars.

Needless to say, the Pop-Ups rely on malicious practices to promote dubious applications. You should not trust a word these messages say. To avoid seeing them when you are online, stick to browsing trustworthy and reputable websites.

If you recall downloading any apps that Pop-Ups promote, then you should immediately use an anti-malware tool to scan your device. It is possible for the Pop-Ups to deliver malware, but usually they try to promote Potentially Unwanted Programs, which antivirus tools easily remove.  

October 1, 2021