Remove Pop-Ups

web browser hijacker is a dangerous website, which displays fraudulent data about your computer's security. Allegedly, reports multiple malware infections and hacking attempts, which could result in data loss, or having your credentials stolen by cybercriminals. Keep in mind that you may see randomly, typically when browsing low-quality websites like the ones used to host pirated games and software.

The goal of is to display fraudulent pop-ups and messages, which are designed to look like legitimate antivirus product prompts. They report various issues – such as the ones mentioned above. The Pop-Ups also propose a solution – paying for the services and products that the website's creators offer. However, the people behind are certainly not reputable. They are experienced con artists who are trying to use false data to promote dodgy products and services that host hundreds of dollars. If you see the Pop-Ups while browsing the Web, you should ignore everything they say. The best way to proceed is to close the page and leave the website immediately.

April 18, 2022