Remove Pop-Ups is a malicious website that uses misleading pop-ups to trick users into thinking that they have an active malware infection on their systems. The pop-ups are branded with the logos of official anti-virus tools, and they may often mimic the design of the interface of these applications. However, we assure you that anti-virus products do not have an automatic anti-virus scanner that runs through your Web browser.

The goal of the pop-ups is to abuse the fear-mongering tactics to convince the potential victim to follow the page's instructions. This is where the con artists proceed with the next step of their devious plan – promoting paid products and services. The people behind may use different approaches – some prefer to promote paid, fake technical support services. In the meantime, other scam groups focus on promoting rogue anti-virus tools that end up costing users hundreds of dollars.

If you ever see the pop-ups in your browser, you should remember not to trust anything they say. Instead, close them and leave the site immediately.

March 16, 2022