How to Avoid Pop-Ups

popup notifications adware

Scanandclean dot xyz is a fraudulent website. The purpose of the website is to scare the user using fake warning messages and images.

When you land on Scanandclean dot xyz, likely by clicking a link or ad served through a rogue advertising network, you will be greeted with a scary image. The page on Scanandclean dot xyz will display several images laid on top of each other, skinned and designed to look like the interface of a popular antivirus application.

The images, pretending to be interface windows of the antivirus software, will contain fake warnings about a number of viruses and threats found on the visitor's system.

First and foremost, you should keep in mind that a web page cannot perform an antivirus scan of your system, and even if it could, it would never be able to do it in a fraction of a second, then display the results.

The doctored images are all fake and should not be trusted. Similar pages are often used to get the users in a state of panic and get them to install rogue antivirus software.

The best course of action you should consider if you land on similar pages that attempt to scare you with fake antivirus scans is to immediately close the browser tab or even the entire browser to avoid any interactions with the fraudulent website.

May 10, 2022