adware popups is a malicious website abusing fake alerts and pop-ups to steal money from users. Of course, in order for the scam to work, the con artists behind need to figure out a way to get more users to view their site. This is why they are paying shady ad networks to promote the page through dodgy sites related to the distribution of pirated content and suspicious media or software. The goal of is to scare users into thinking that they have become the victim of a virus attack, and that they are at risk of having their data and credentials stolen.

The scam is executed with the use of fake pop-ups that use design elements and logos from reputable security products. This way, non-experienced PC users might think that they are seeing a real warning message. claims that there are multiple active malware infections, and that users need to take action immediately to protect their data and privacy. The solution that the scammers propose is a made-up, paid security or service. Needless to say, if you pay for anything that the Pop-Ups offer, you will not be getting anything in return.

If you ever see random browser pop-ups telling you about a virus on your computer, you should know that they are a scam. Do not trust a word they say, and under no circumstances agree to download or pay for anything they offer.

By Ruik
April 28, 2022
April 28, 2022