Remove Notifications and Pop-Ups is a website dedicated to scamming Internet users. It does not host any entertaining or valuable content, even though its pop-ups may say so. Your browser might redirect you to surprisingly. Usually, this happens to users who frequent shady sites – torrent trackers, illegal streaming services, or pages hosting pirated content. The good news is that these redirects are common for such pages, and malware is not causing it. However, interacting with these websites may often end up exposing you to harmful content.

In the case of, the scammers want to hijack browser notifications. By doing so, they get the ability to bring an unlimited number of notifications to your attention. The notifications will interrupt you browsing by promoting shady links, products, services, or even scams. Needless to say, it is best not to interact with its notifications.

The hijacking happens with the help of misleading prompts. When you encounter for the first time, the page may ask you to click 'Allow' in order to meet certain conditions. Allegedly, this is mandatory in order to view media, play videos, download files, or something of this sort. However, interacting with the 'Allow' button only does one thing – it enables the notifications.

To stop this content from bothering you, you should block this site's permissions. To do this, use our guide on how to stop annoying notifications in Web browsers. This should be more than enough to stop the notifications permanently.

October 4, 2021