Remove Notifications and Pop-Ups is a misleading page trying to hijack browser notifications. Once it shows up on your screen, it will display fake messages and alerts saying to click 'Allow' to continue browsing, or to confirm you are not a robot. However, following's instructions are not reliable and you should not follow them – doing what the site asks you to do will result in subscribing to's annoying notifications.

Once subscribed, will start spamming you with annoying notifications that promote all kinds of questionable content. These notifications are known to link to scams, shady websites, fake services/products, and other misleading content. If the notifications are interrupting your Web browsing sessions, you need to take measures to stop this from happening as soon as possible.

But how do you stop from bothering you? Since the issue is caused by wrong settings in your browser, you need to fix these issues to remove the notifications. Open your browser, head to settings, and then make sure that's permissions to use notifications are disabled.

May 24, 2021