Pop-Ups - A Fake Virus Alert Scam is yet another website that runs a tactic aimed to promote dodgy software and services. Users might be redirected to this page because of interactions with low-quality sites like the ones used to host pirated games and software. tells visitors that their systems are infected by multiple viruses, and they need to take action immediately. The warning continues by saying that victims are at risk of losing files and private information unless they take steps to remove the viruses.

Of course, the con artists behind these schemes are experienced. They have made sure to use the name and branding of a popular anti-virus vendor to make the pop-ups appear more believable. We assure you that random websites cannot tell you whether you have malware on your system or not. If they claim to be able to do this, they are most likely a hoax. The pop-ups may end up referring you to fake security tools, malware or fake technical support services. Needless to say, you want to avoid all of the above. This is why the best thing to do when you encounter the pop-ups is to close the website immediately.

January 13, 2022