Picprosto.click Pop-Ups Pose Potential Threat

Picprosto dot click is the domain name associated with a misleading website. The site has no meaningful content or data stored on its pages. The only thing users are faced with when they land on the page is a misleading image and a prompt.

The website will display a clipart image of a hard drive with a green arrow over it, symbolizing a download. Additionally, the text "Click 'Allow' to start downloading" will be displayed in large font above the image. This is accompanied by the browser displaying its default "allow notifications" pop-up box.

The user is expected to allow notifications to reach a supposed file download that simply doesn't exist. The entire purpose of Picprosto dot click is to get visitors to allow pop-ups, which allows the website to display push notifications and pop-up ads in the target browser.

A lot of the content in those pop-up ads will be sourced from rogue ad networks and may lead to potentially harmful pages, malware or further misleading sites and questionable content.

In order to stay safe from similar issues, whenever you run into an unfamiliar page asking you to allow notifications, simply navigate away from it, ideally closing the browser tab or window without ever interacting with any element on the page.

May 12, 2022