Hacked Email Account

Recently, we have seen a new email campaign distributing fake email attachments that deliver the Agent Tesla Remote Access Trojan (RAT). The emails are designed to look like they come from 'Oceanic Projects' a Pakistan-based company. If you receive a similar email, do not open the attachment. These emails are not sent from Oceanic Projects Ltd. as part of their normal business protocols. Instead, they are maliciously crafted messages, which come from anonymous cybercriminals. Trying to review the attached file may result in unknowingly running the Agent Tesla RAT on your Windows computer.

The consequences of infecting your device with Agent Tesla can be very dire since this implant enables the criminals behind the attack to steal files, spy on your, or hijack financial information. Needless to say, this is a major threat. Keep in mind that cybercrime gangs are constantly relying on similar phishing scams to deliver malicious applications like Agent Tesla. The best way to protect your computer against such threats is to invest in a reputable antivirus application – this way, even if you fall for a scam like the 'OCEANIC PROJECTS' Email Virus, you will an extra line of defense to prevent the infection.

Always be wary of unexpected email messages, which urge you to download an attachment or a file hosted on a 3rd-party site – this is the number one infection vector that cybercrime gangs rely on

May 17, 2021